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The option for the winner to either choose a lump sum up front, or a larger amount to be placed in a savings account, is a great way to encourage bank usage, which not only provides security from theft but also a safety from environmental disasters. So kudos to you guys.

It may be worth looking into dispensing small stacks of flyers to shop-keepers as well so that interested individuals can obtain a copy to take home without curtailing the impact of posted flyers on other individuals.

An alternative to consider is the format that features pull tabs for interested people to take, that would contain any pertinent information about the location/times of the interest meeting, although, I am not aware of this type of fliers prevalence outside the US. A simple “see shopkeeper for more information,” then providing the shopkeeper with extra forms as you said, might be the most effective method to get the word out.

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  • tfaramarzi
    14 years ago

    I had actually given some thought to pull tabs, and it is worth seeing if they are common in inducing the same effect based on the level of advertisement saturation in these two communities. The only big problem I see is that information condensed onto a pull tab would have to direct questions to Ana via phone or e-mail, unless we made the tabs big enough to include the date, time and location of the principal interest meeting for the BPC (maybe nullifying their efficiency in the first place). I also tend to leave any pull tabs in my pockets long enough for them to go through the wash at least once- basically they can be weak in their presence: another trans-cultural pitfall?

    I think that leaving multiple copies of fliers aside from those posted will be essential. We would be better off putting out too much promotional material (so long as it is still generally constrained geographically) rather than too little. My only concern is that some shopkeepers might not be receptive to being referenced in the flier as having more information, as this might indicate to customers that they could answer questions about the competition. For the sake of efficiency, it would also present a problem in that fliers may be posted in sites other than shops as well. Ideally, we could leave a stack of the fliers in plain sight at the counter. The interaction involved there also has the potential to create more talk about the competition in these sites and stimulate advertisement through word of mouth. I agree with you- we should consider some alternatives in order to determine the most effective materials and delivery methods if we hope to have the majority of the perspective participants attend the principal interest meeting.

  • tfaramarzi
    14 years ago

    *direct questions to Ana through the learning center. I am assuming the phone number provided would be that of the center.

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