Applying for Self-Awareness

There are only a few issues in the BCP team’s analysis that I’d like to push further, or call for clarification.

The major issue I have is with the concept of “self-awareness” coming from the application questions, as found in Gagel’s model.  I’m not really clear with what this is, or how it’s going to work.  If the questions are written at a sufficiently basic level so that illiterate applicants can participate, how will they involve enough complexity to really prompt the critical self-awareness that you seem to be aiming for?  And if these questions are similar to the strengths/weaknesses listed in Appendix A, how are we going to get honest answers?  If these questions are going to be used for any evaluation of applicants, they need to be formulated in a way that does not have obviously “correct” answers.  There could easily be a perception if these questions are included in the application that answering “correctly” (i.e. in the strength column) could help an individual get the prize grant.  Basically, I’m wondering what the purpose of these questions is, how they’re going to be used, and how we’re going to implement them so that the purpose is realized.

The other, much more minor point, is that I’d like to stress the importance of looking for example fliers in Honduras, even if there aren’t any advertising similar services.  Even if the content is different, a familiar form will make the information much more accessible.  These forms are cultural, and so we need to present the information in a culturally accessible form.

2 Responses to “Applying for Self-Awareness

  • I agree with you that Gagel’s model could be potentially problematic, I know that I myself would have trouble admitting a “weakness” on an application that could improve my life. The focus of questions should probably stick to more tangible aspects too, most people would probably consider themselves “motivated,” so questions like that might not be particularly valuable.

  • I think taking into account the flyers from Honduras might be beneficial, but it is not the only way to do it. As long as we are getting our name out there and having people associate it with the BPC, then the advertisement would be a success. It might even be beneficial for the flyers to be different than the normal flyers as they will stand out and get more people’s attention.

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