BPC: Adventures into the Unknown

This progress report was interesting to read.  I have a limited knowledge of the inner workings of La Ceiba as this is my first semester working with the group, but after reading this progress report, I know exactly what the Business Development Services project is doing.  It would be great to have a copy of everyone’s progress reports so that I could fully understand what everyone is up to, especially since I cannot make the Tuesday/Thursday meetings.

My first question is, are you planning on documenting what the clients are using the money specifically for?  This is crucial information for future impact analysis and I would strongly encourage the acquisition of this data.  This type of qualitative data will help us to quantify our impact and outputs.

I like that you are using information collected from Ana and members of Las Brisas in order to set up the range of loans.  This gives you an excellent basis to work from and allows you to have relevant information to go off of in the creation of the loans.

I don’t understand what you are talking about when you refer to the judges and jury.  What will these individuals be doing?  What is their role in creating and running the BPC?

Overall, I thought this progress report was excellent and it is apparent why it is the benchmark.  It showed the immense amount of work and research this team has been doing.  You articulate your ideas with clarity so that someone like me, who doesn’t know what you are doing, can understand and admire your hard work.  I look forward to seeing the finished project and the BPC put into place.

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  • I agree here on two accounts:
    (1) I too think it would be great to see every teams progress reports. Since we cannot all be together at any point, it would be great to see where everyone is and where we still need to go.
    (2) I also think it would be beneficial to know exactly how the individuals who receive the grants are spending the money, not only for its impact analysis, but so as to better understand the needs our clients face immediately and how this affects their ability to save. This will help us to better structure the loan programs as well.

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