Our Manifesto

La Ceiba is no longer in operation. However, we will continue to maintain the website for educational purposes. If you have questions, email Shawn Humphrey at shumphre@umw.edu.


We believe in a world in which the well-being of the client claims center stage in the microfinance community. We believe development requires an ethos that defends human dignity. We are here to put that ethos into practice – demonstrating what is possible when the client comes first. Client protection isn’t enough, and nothing less than clients thriving will do. We measure impact in smiles and lasting friendships, and we aren’t kidding about that. Progress is made over drinks and handshakes – enduring relationships are our collateral. We are here to stand by clients as sidekicks in their fight to end their own poverty. We are LA CEIBA – the vanguard of the client-centered method.