Well done.  It looks like you have a well formulated plan for moving forward and completing each piece of this program.

It seems that it is important to get the word out about the competition as soon as possible to see what kind of response there is in the community.  The amount and nature of  interest may determine some decisions about prize money, curriculum, judges, etc.  We hope that there is significant interest from both aspiring and established entrepreneurs but one group may turn out to be much larger than the other.  Also, when sorting applicants into these two groups it may be beneficial to simply ask them what they would consider themselves or which classes they want to be in.  You have a great plan and schedule laid out but many things could change.  You may want to consider getting the basic information out very soon even before all the exact details have been settled upon in order to get some feedback from the public that may in the end have an effect on finalizing those same details.  Just some thoughts, great work.

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