What are we?

In our “About Us” we now have 5 or so short descriptions of our organization and its activities/beliefs. I’m am, overall, very impressed with how accurately and effectively these statements express out motivation as an organization. My critiques are few, and here they are:

Our Mission: It was mentioned that it might be worth changing “mother, father, son, and daughter” to a more vague and inclusive “man, woman and child” but this is a minor detail.

Our Belief: This description is rock-solid. It’ll prove as a very useful litmus test for future activities, whether or not they fulfill/embody our core beliefs.

Our Mission: As for the mission statement, changing “influence and hold accountable the institutions that structure their lives” by adding “influence and hold accountable the institutions and officials that structure their lives” seems beneficial to me.

Our Method: Maybe a brief mention of our fallibility, our “oops I done wrong” policy of righting what we feel are wrongs. Adding “encouraging out clientele to question our methods, striving always for a better and more effective policy” or something of that sort.

Our Motivation: A great rallying call. I like it.

2 Responses to “What are we?

  • I especially like the suggestion for the method section. Something for us all to consider.

  • I also like the method suggestion– highlighting our flexibility is a good idea, because it’s one of our defining strengths.

    Perhaps “and organizations,” rather than officials– I think the former covers what you intended, while being a bit broader. It’s not just about individual officials being unaccountable, but rather a more systemic problem that we’re attempting to solve, and focusing on organizations might have more long-term implications than just individuals.

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