Mission and Vision Statement

I apologize up front if some of this has already been discussed in class.  First of all I think it the mission and vision statement sounds really good and will be a valuable asset to the website.  I have a few suggestions, but not too many.

Our Vision: I agree with most of the comments about the wording of the mission.  I think “man, woman, and child” is better than “mother, father, son, and daughter.”

Our Belief: I like the phrasing in this statement because you can test to see if we are doing what we say we are doing.  Are we effective? Yes/No?  Are we a legitimate source of change?  Yes/No?

Our Mission: Again, I am happy with this statement.

Our Method: I think this statement is definitely true, but would it be beneficial to slide in a short sentence about our loan program, since it is a big part of what we do?

Our Motivation: This final statement wraps up the mission and vision in a positive way.

Therefore, I am happy with Mission and Vision.  There are a few minor details to be looked at, but I think it sounds excellent.

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