#5 What is poverty?

I don’t know. That’s an odd way to start off a blog post, isn’t it? I am a small part of a small organization trying to do (and, as it appears, actually doing) some good in the world. We are using tools like the personal and (soon to be) business loans to alleviate income poverty and tools like the BPC to alleviate capability poverty. With my limited scope from within the Performance Team, I’ve tried to stay away from some of the more controversial topics and focus more on issues of sustainability and questions that I feel could be better answered (for instance, what is an optimal interest rate, or things of that nature). I hope to help set goals that subtly guide policy, based on formula from the UN or other successful MFI’s. We are a unique organization in many ways (some good and some bad) but I feel like our pro’s outweigh our con’s. Tomorrow, Russ and I have our Performance Team presentation, and it is really nothing too earth shattering, we’re just pretty excited because we’ve gotten to the point where we can start drawing meaningful conclusions about La Ceiba (we’ve compiled all the data in one, easy to understand [hopefully] place).

I encourage you to ask any and all questions you may have tomorrow (or here even), if I don’t have the answer, I’d do my damnedest to get you the answers you need. Numbers can be wrong and I’m far from infallible.

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