New Personal Loan Program Arrives

Under our new personal loan program, (a) the begining loan is $25, (b) each time a client repays they become eligibile for another loan in $25 increments, and (c) loan size is now capped at $150.  Learn more by visiting the Loans-Personal page.

2 Responses to “New Personal Loan Program Arrives

  • russellscott
    14 years ago

    Just to clarify: Is it 500L or $25 that we are giving?

    L500 translates to $26.46, while $25 becomes L472.38. this is using the $1 = L18.895 conversion rate that Banco Ficensa gives us, and is relevant at least from an accounting perspective (I don’t mind that you’ve used the $1 = L20 rule of thumb on your page, i just want to make sure I know what we’re using.)

  • L500

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