The roots

Here are my variations of the statements:


We envision a world in which every mother, father, son, and daughter have the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life together and realize their potential through hard work.

I prefer mother, father, son, and daughter to other mentioned alternatives.  It does not exclude anyone in my mind, every person is at least one of those things.


Sustainable solutions to poverty require the endogenous emergence of effective, legitimate, and resilient community-wide institutions that foster productive cooperation among its members.


Empower our clients with the assets and capabilities to participate in, influence, and hold accountable the institutions that structure their own lives, their families lives, and their communities.


Expand the economic opportunities and improve the everyday living conditions of our clients, through the provision of desired financial, social, and educational support.  To do this, we develop long-lasting relationships founded upon mutual respect and open communication with our clients.

I added ‘desired’ because we are always looking to provide programs that our clients seek and must be wary of attempting to help people that do not want our assistance.


Hope for a better tomorrow, dreams of your children’s future, and optimism that continued hard work will lead to success, are things that poverty can steal from those in its grasp.  When it does, we want to steal it back.

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