Poor vs. Poverty

I was typing the word poor instead of the word poverty and it queued a google search in my head. This is the first thing that comes up if you search [poor vs. poverty].

Poverty vs. Poor: What’s Your Attitude?

I like it a lot. I think I’ve been in poverty before.

One Response to “Poor vs. Poverty

  • I was in line the other day at Wal-Mart waiting to pay and i noticed that the women in front of me was paying with food stamps. Ive seen this before and did not really pay much attention to it until I realized that she was holding an iphone and had professionally gotten her nails done. I kind of chuckled in annoyance at the prospect that I helped pay for this women’s iphone when I cannot buy one for myself. After reading the article that accompanied the link however, it kind of makes sense. People who find themselves in dire situations continuously think more about today than they will about tomorrow, because getting through today is what is most important. So, it makes sense that when individuals such as the lady in the Wal-Mart line comes into some money, enough for an iphone and some acrylic nails, her mentality is to spend what she has today, because she has never looked past the present before.

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