Mission, hopefully not a Vision, Statement

Facilitating cost effective and sustainable financial services and client-centered programs to alleviate poverty by raising income and improving the well-being of our clients.
For me, I feel this mission statement is still concise and to the point of what we would like our goals to be. (I know there is still some debate on how to measuere improved well-being of clients and the definition of alleviating poverty.) However, we do not want our only goal to be to raise people’s income, although it is a quatitative way to measure impact. I hope this defines our goals more, allows room for us to define what our programs and services our and does not define our clients so we have no room to grow. I hope this is more of a mission statement rather than a vision statement.

One Response to “Mission, hopefully not a Vision, Statement

  • I like this mission statement. It seems to accommodate the worries of some of our classmates about being too specific and not allowing room for growth. I know this is a topic heavily debated, but not only think there is nothing wrong with poverty alleviation as an end-goal, I agree that its probably the reason most of us are as dedicated to this project as we are. Well done, both concise and with room for growth as an MFI.

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