The Way We Walk

We Embrace Self-doubt (but, not too tightly)

We are fully aware of our inexperience and lack of expertise. This motivates us to constantly and critically reflect on our choices, our actions and even ourselves. It also motivates us to learn with our clients.

We Love the Color Grey

Do we gain more knowledge or take action? Do we move forward or stay put? Do we walk with confidence or caution? For us, it is not one or the other. It is not black or white. We live in the overlap.

We Plan in Pencil

The gap between theory and practice and between the classroom and reality is vast. We are ready and willing to throw away our assumptions, beliefs, and even our program. Our clients come first not our egos.

We Keep Things in Perspective

We know that the knowledge, experience, and transformations we receive from our work will almost always be greater than the benefits that our clients receive from our services. This humbles us.

We Know Our Place

Our clients with their families, friends and neighbors will be the ones who end their poverty. We offer tools, support and opportunities to learn. It is not our place nor are we capable of doing more.

We Air Out Our Dirty Laundry

We make mistakes. Our programs have limitations and so does microfinance. As a program anchored in the classroom, we are committed to the honest and transparent sharing of knowledge.

We Still Believe in Papa Noel

We will share any aspect of our program with anyone. There is no need to sign a confidentiality agreement or pay hundreds of dollars. We like giving gifts.