Account Growth:

This figure shows the overall account growth of both our EAL loans and PLP loans from January of 2015 to November of 2015. EAL loans spiked early in the year and continued to drop until hitting another spike in the months of May and September and followed the downward trend until they reached a low in November. PLP loans followed a similar downward trend as our EAL loans and also hit a low in November after spiking in July and October.

For totals this year we have disbursed  $14,254 in capital.

Loans by Centers:

This graph shows the average loan balance and the gross loan portfolio. The data indicates the highest level of average loan balance being in El Centro, while the highest gross loan portfolio being in Villa. Other centers such as Primo showed similar totals in their average and gross rates.

These are the number of active loans in each community:
  1. Centro = 2
  2. Primero de Enero = 12
  3. Las Brisas = 20
  4. Villa Soleada = 29
  5. Monte de los Olivos = 6

Number of Clients:

This graph shows the comparison of the number of clients with the number of average clients. The data indicates the highest number of active clients living in Villa.

In 2008 we started with 13 people. As of now we are serving 68 people