Our Values

Transparency – We keep all our documents, decisions, and records open in our efforts to build honest relationships and allow others to follow our thinking and actions.

Respect  We acknowledge that we are foreigners in an unfamiliar culture and must always be cautious and aware of our ignorance as we try to foster relationships.  To that end, we look to our clients for knowledge and direction in our attempts to provide support.

Self-Awareness  We recognize our inexperience and naivete as students, not to diminish the magnitude of our potential, but instead to work without pre-conceived notions.  In doing so, we strive to explore and learn with our clients to reach optimal outcomes together, while always remaining aware of our limitations and reflecting critically on ourselves.

Education – We understand that through our efforts to teach and provide support we also gain knowledge and experience. In this way, our organization serves both to educate our clients and ourselves, as we collaborate to learn from each other.

Flexibility – We know that we, and especially our clients, live in a world of uncertainty and our organization must be able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. We are conscious of the inherent instability in our client’s lives and always strive to create programs which can still be effective in such an environment.  La Ceiba is aware of the fact that mistakes occur and we always attempt to reconcile these in the fairest way possible, giving the benefit of the doubt to our clients if there is any.