La Ceiba Fall 2008

Pictured (left to right) Katie MacEwen, Maria Reyes, Rachel Mason, Megan Coolidge, Christine Exley, Hart Wood, Dr, H, Daniel Marsh, Melanie Walters, Craig Stewart, and David Moore.

The Fall 2008 La Ceiba team was tasked with organizing and extending our first round of solidarity group loans in Siete de Abril.  We had 13 clients organized into 3 solidarity groups.  Each group member received $150 loan.

Name University Major Year  of Graduation
Megan Coolidge William and Mary International Affairs 2010
Christine Exley UMW Economics/Math 2009
Erin Kelly UMW Economics 2009
David Moore UMW International Affairs 2010
Rachel Mason UMW Geography 2010
Katie MacEwen UMW Economics 2009
Daniel Marsh UMW Economics 2009
Craig Stewart UMW Economics 2010
Melanie Walters UMW Economics 2009
Hart Wood UMW Economics 2010