Constant Client Contact

Constant Client Contact (CCC) is a communication service that complements our loan programs. Our objectives are twofold:

  • Open and maintain avenues of communication between our staff, students, and clients
  • Gather information and data from clients and their families.

CCC aims to engage students and loan recipients in conversations that benefit both parties and their cultural understanding of their counterpart. We believe that dialogue and conversation with someone of a different country, language, and socio-economic status, provides a valuable educational experience for all those involved. CCC provides loan recipients with an avenue through which to keep La Ceiba accountable, and access up to date information on policy and programs.

CCC emphasizes a client-centered philosophy whereby conversations follow a spontaneous, friendly and organic structure. For example, clients are encouraged to ask the caller questions or voice concerns during conversations. Further, CCC actively rejects and avoids questions that might be interpreted as a form of debt collection. Conversations are motivated by educational aspirations first and data collection second.