Relationship Collateral

Relationship Collateral is built on the ideal of equality. Clients understand our products as a mutual agreement: we won’t ask for collateral, we’ll charge a fair price, and we won’t pressure them to repay or participate in aggressive collecting practices. In exchange, the clients make themselves responsible for their loans in the best way they know how. Relationship Collateral requires trust. The clients trust us not to take advantage of them. We trust that they will do whatever is in their power to repay their loan. We build trust through repeated interactions, constant and open communications, and clear and explicit terms. Relationship Collateral takes the long view. If a client cannot repay their loan, we don’t punish them economically. We forge understanding. We make adjustments. We find a way to move forward together. Relationship Collateral places our bond with the client at the center of all the things we do together. What do we do? We build Relationships.