Many clients have low, irregular and unpredictable incomes. A mismatch, between immediate expenses and available income occurs frequently. In the midst of this challenge, clients may reduce their expenses by buying less food, skipping payments on water and electricity bills, or selling off productive assets.

We supply flexible, convenient, and reliable access to micro-credit so that our clients can smooth out their consumption. We do not ask for collateral, we provide flexible schedules and terms, and we remove conditions on loans. Our Personal Loans are just that: personal.




Economic Activity Loans differ from Personal Loans only in structure and interest. EAL used to require that clients invest their loan in a business venture. However, we discovered that many clients don’t want or need to start a business. They receive support from family members (most often their spouse) or invest their loan in someone else’s business from which they will receive returns. Our clients become de facto investors and stakeholders in the business that they know work in their community.


If you would like to review a Customer Information Packet, a sample contract, learn more about our Default Policy, or have questions about any details of our loan program, please Contact Us. We are happy to share!