Personal Loans


The income of our clients is not only small it is also irregular and unpredictable.  Mismatches between current expenditure needs and current income are a regular occurrence.  Resolving these mismatches can take many forms – going without (food, water, and warmth), selling off productive assets (tools and bicycles), and turning to local moneylenders.  Our Personal Loan program is designed to improve upon these alternatives.  Its objective is to supply flexible, convenient, and reliable access to micro-credit at a low cost.  Toward that end, we do not require membership in a solidarity group or any other form of collateral.  We do not set any expectations on the use towards which are clients dedicate their loans.  Personal loans are just that: personal.


Eligibility Requirements Initial MaximumLoan Size Interest Rate Loan Term
Approval by
Loan Officer
L500.00 ($25.00) 15% (declining balance) One week, two weeks, three weeks, or one month to twelve months
Repayment Mode Incremental Increase inLoan Size Maximum Loan Size
Once a Week, Once every fifteen days, or Once a Month L500.00 ($25) after three  repetitions of each loan size L2000.00 ($100.00)

If you would like to review our Personal Loan Program’s Customer Information Packet, Application and Loan Agreement Forms, or learn more about our Default Policy, then Contact Us.  We are more than happy to share!