Financial Literacy

Money Game

The Money Game is an entertaining educational activity which focuses on financial themes and topics. It encourages practical and positive financial behaviors. And, we believe that the setting for the game strengthens our relationship with clients and the community.

The Money Game incorporates financial concepts like budgeting, savings, and debt management. We designed the game to cater to the unique culture of Honduras and the formal educational levels of students.

The game is played in pairs. Participants use a calendar and use play money to plan for, and confront, different financial situations that the game throws their way. Every four rounds, the game requires that players try their luck during “Chance Day”. Each pair of players has to reach into a bag and pull out a slip of paper, each of which represents an unexpected cost. The topics for “chance day” play upon running jokes within the organization, between clients, La Ceiba students, and staff.

The Money Game is unique because it touches upon financial concepts while actively engaging participants. Because participants play in pairs, they are forced to talk through different options and come to decisions together. The use of physical and visual aids makes it easy for participants to visualize their financial situation and plan for it. Incomes, expenses and the prices are loosely proportional to real economic factors in El Progreso, thus participants can relate budgeting decisions to life experiences.

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