Business Loans


While our Personal Loan Program is designed to meet the most basic needs of our clients, the goal of Business Loan Program is to inspire entrepreneurship. Our Economic Activity Loan Program is the sole component of the Business Loan Program.  This program provides capital to begin building a business, and incorporates educational opportunities to bolster entrepreneurial viability.  The purpose of the Economic Activity Loan Program is to stabilize consumption so that clients can begin preparing for the long term.  We will add a Microenterprise Loan Program in the future.


Economic Activity Loans

Loan Amount Interest Rate Repayment Schedule Loan Increase Rate Loan Maturity
L2,500 – L5,000 ($125 – $250) 30% (declining balance) Weekly, Every 15 days, or Monthly Increase by L500 ($25) 3 or 12 months

If you would like to review our Economic Activity Loan Program’s Customer Information Packet, Application and Loan Agreement Forms, or learn more about our Default Policy, then Contact Us.  We are more than happy to share!


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